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Concert Choir: Classic Beginners

This is a choir for singers who like classical music but do not have much previous musical experience. Easier choral literature is sung and the focus lies on teaching singing techniques, sight reading and harmonic comprehension. This choir is for beginners who want to (re-) explore the wonderful world of classical music. No audition is needed for this group- just come and sing along! The age limit for this choir is 30 years.

In December 2021 the choir will perform the Christmas Oratorio by C.C. Saint-Säens.

In this choir (course) you will participate in the following activities:
12 of 90 minutes units: weekly choral rehearsals
2 of 60 minutes units: small group vocal and breathing technique lessons
2 of 60 minutes units: small group music theory and rhythm exercises
Participation in two concerts in December

Course fee € 90

With this group we intend to introduce you to music or refresh your singing abilities. Therefore this chorus will be offered only in the winter term 2021. In case you want to continue thereafter, you can audition one of the other groups in January 2022. From former experience we know that many singers have high musical abilities and prior experience but are reluctant to audition individually. This group offers a chance to sing without an audition for the first term, get to know the conductor personally and audition at a later stage.

Rehearsals: Monday 6 – 7.45 p.m. "Stöckl Building"
Rehearsal Rooms

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