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Philharmonic Choir

This choir forms the musical peak of our ensembles and promotes talented and ambitious singers who possess sufficient musical training, sight reading skills and singing techniques. It is assumed that a part of the repertoire is learned in self-study, so that the joint rehearsals can mainly concentrate on the musical interpretation of the works. In order to make the rehearsals effective and to maintain a high choir level, it is necessary that at least 70% of the rehearsals are attended and singers should commit to the choir for at least one academic year. The age structure is between 18 and 45 years. 

Our philharmonic orchestra has developed significantly in recent years and plays at an almost professional level. The Philharmonic Choir represents the musical counterpart to the Philharmonic Orchestra, with symphonic works and oratorios, as well as a cappella works from the Renaissance to the modern age.

In December 2022, the Philharmonic Choir will perform cantatas 1 – 4 of the Christmas Oratorio by Johann Sebastian Bach. In May 2023, a cappella works of German Romanticism Period will be sung. These include the 16-part motet Der Abend” by Richard Strauss and Friede auf Erden” by Arnold Schönberg. In June three concerts with Ein Deutsches Requiem” by Johannes Brahms will be sung.

In May 2022 this Choir sang Trois Chansons“ by Claude Debussy and premiered an eight –part composition by Vijay Upadhyaya based on the text of the French Senegalese poet David Diop at the concert Concert du Continents“ at the Wiener Musikverein. Further past projects were Daphnis et Chloe” by Maurice Ravel, the mass in B minor by Johann Sebastian Bach, the 8th Symphony by Gustav Mahler, the mass for two choirs by Frank Martin, and a-capella works by Francis Poulenc and Olivier Messiaen. 

Since singers in this choir require significantly more effort and musical experience than our other choirs, there is no choir fee for this group. 

We strive to nurture the arts and talents and invest in excellent teachers. We offer weekly choir rehearsals, partly solo ensemble rehearsals, as well as monthly voice rehearsals in small groups with voice training. Rehearsals, lessons, rooms and concert organization are made available to the singers free of charge.
For the audition, an obligatory polyphonic piece will be sent in advance and there is also a sight reading test. In this choir we are primarily looking for tenors, but all voices are welcome.

Rehearsals: Tuesday 6 – 8 p.m.
Rehearsal Rooms

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