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In addition to our weekly rehearsals, we have one or two weekend retreats each semester. In order to ensure a good musical standard, at least 70% attendance to the rehearsals is necessary. The entire schedule is conveyed at the beginning of each term. You do not have to be a student of the Vienna University to join the choirs!

In order to meet the various needs, interests and standards of our singers, we offer nine choirs with different audition requirements. 

Please register for one choir only!

Simply sing with us!
For the group Voice Club Beginners and Singing Generations no audition or voice check is necessary.

Voice Club Beginners — Male voices

Voice Club Beginners — Female voices

Singing Generations

Voice check, but no sight reading:
For the groups Symphonic Women’s Choir, Voice Club, Femmes Vocales and Männersache a voice check is necessary, however no sight reading test is required.

Symphonic Women’s Choir

Voice Club — Male voices

Voice Club — Female voices

Femmes Vocales

https://​doodle​.com/​p​o​l​l​/​f​x​t​8​x​a​2​6​a​a​6​euv7d Männersache

Auditions for advanced singers:
The groups Philharmonic Choir and Symphonic Choir are for experienced singers. An audition is necessary for this group where a sight reading test and basics of vocal technique are required. However, you do not have to prepare anything. This choir sings challenging works demanding more ambition and time from the singers. In order to ensure a high standard, it is necessary that singers attend more intense rehearsals schedules and can learn parts of the works individually.

https://​doodle​.com/​p​o​l​l​/​y​s​6​z​t​4​s​x​5​k​g​esu4d Symphonic Choir — Male voices

Symphonic Choir — Female voices

Philharmonic Choir — Male voices

Philharmonic Choir — Female voices

Many new students, international exchange students and people new to Vienna come to our choirs and have few contacts outside of their own university department. To make it easier for you to join our community, we are organizing a welcome concert with a Speed Friending” event in mid-October. After the concert there will be dancing and partying! We hope that the situation will allow this event to take place in October. We will definitely try it — either indoors on an evening or during the day on a weekend. It is very important for us to get to know you guys!

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