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We are a community with two orchestras and seven choirs that complement each other musically. The ensembles usually perform with their own groups and at large concerts several groups play together. We regularly perform in concert halls such as the Wiener Musikverein, the Wiener Konzerthaus or St. Stephen's Cathedral and invite internationally known artists. And we look forward to YOU joining us!

Our rehearsals take place weekly and there is a rehearsal weekend once or twice per semester. In order to ensure the musical quality, all rehearsal dates are announced at the beginning of the semester. Attendance of least 75% of the rehearsals is mandatory and it is expected that the repertoire is also practiced individually. If fewer rehearsals are attended, the participation in the concert will not be permitted. Rehearsals are expected to be attended on time. It is obligatory to perform at the concerts and to attend the last two rehearsals. Musicians who do not show up for the final rehearsals and concerts without a reason (e.g. illness) and do not inform about their absence will no longer be able to participate in the orchestra in the future.

You do not have to study at the University of Vienna to be able to play in the orchestra.

Auditions for the Symphonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Orchestra will take place in October 2024.

Please register for one orchestra only

Zum Philharmonischen Orchester anmelden

Zum Symphonie-Orchester anmelden


For the philharmonic orchestra strings should prepare the 1st movement from Tchaikovsky’s “String serenade”.

Score Tchaikovsky

For the symphonic orchestra, string players should prepare the 1st movement of Franz Schubert's 5th Symphony.

Score Schubert

Violin players can choose whether they want to prepare 1st or 2nd violin.

All wind players should prepare the 1st movement of Anton Dvorak's 9th Symphony.

Score Dvorak

There will be a sight-reading test for all musicians.

For certain instruments the following requirements are obligatory:

Flutists must have a piccolo and be able to play it.
Clarinet players must have a B- and A-clarinet.
Trumpeters must have a B- and C-trumpet.

Pianists, percussionists and harpists:
Please send an e-mail to probespiel@philharmonie.wien.

We are also looking for pianists to accompany choir rehearsals.

For any other questions send us an e-mail to info@philharmonie.wien

Many new students, international exchange students and people new to Vienna come to our orchestras and have few contacts outside of their own university department. To make it easier for you to join our community, we are organizing a welcome party with a "Speed Friending" event in mid-October. We are looking forward to meet you!

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